Fix Outlook Error Cannot open your default email folders or items when offline

Fix the Outlook error “Cannot Open Your Default Email Folder or Items When Offline”

While working on Ms Outlook in offline mode message appears on the screen is “Cannot open particular outlook item when offline”, it means the OST file is corrupted or damaged. It makes Outlook file inaccessible because when the Ms Outlook application disconnects from the Ms Exchange Server then the offline Storage Table (OST) allows you to sustain the work in Ms Outlook. You can make changes offline and once the connection is reestablished offline alternations will be automatically synchronized with the mailbox on exchange server. OST  file is duplicate copy of your mailbox which stores on hard drive of your computer. In case Exchange server gets damaged then it will not affect the OST file on hard drive. But sometime you cannot work offline and the massage on screen “Cannot open particular Outlook item when offline” deny to access the file. This is because of OST file corruption. It is similar to damage in other computers.

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How to Export Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Mailboxes to PST?

Exchange 2010 is a server which provides a unified storage to its users to save mailbox database, voice massages and other related information. Sometime user need to migrate some mailbox database to exchange online from on-premise mailboxes, to migrate the database safely without any damage or corruption we need to export the exchange server to PST format. Continue Reading

Fix Unable to Open PST File in Outlook 2013, 2016 & 2010

Outlook is the most common emailing platform used in multiple organizations and the data file that is used to store the individual user’s data is Personal Storage Table, commonly known as PST file. However, in many cases, users may have difficulty in opening the file due to damage or corruption of the Outlook mailbox data.  If you are unable to open PST file in Outlook 2016 or 2013, there must be some issues like stated above. Sometimes PST files are exceeded from limit therefore large size PST file does not open in Outlook. The following blog will be discussing the procedure on how a user can gain access to such PST files.  Continue Reading

Open Offline Exchange Server Database in Outlook & Live Exchange without Exchange Server

The EDB file format contains the complete data of Exchange Server that are divided into two sections- Private and Public folders. In earlier versions of Exchange, there were only these two database files priv.edb & pub.edb but from Exchange 2000, another file with extension .stm has been added to those files. Exchange Server has become very popular in the corporate world because of its efficiency in providing better communication facilities. However, the situation may arise when users need to open offline Exchange EDB database without the help of Exchange Server. In this blog, we will be discussing the procedure on how users can open offline Exchange EDB database without Exchange Server.  Continue Reading

Convert MBOX to PST Manually – Step by Step Free Technical Guides

Freeware Solution to Convert MBOX to PST

Though MBOX file format is quite flexible & can be accessed in several email clients like Thunderbird, Entourage, Pocomail, Apple Mail, Spicebird, etc., PST is an organized file format that saves different data for Outlook account. As we are aware that Outlook offers a wide range of features and advantages to users, most of the small & large scale businesses are switching to Outlook. The PST file is the proprietary format for Outlook & can only be accessed within the respective client whereas MBOX file is the format for storing all email messages of the particular mailbox. In order to access the data in MBOX files through Outlook, we need to convert these files to PST. The blog will be discussing the freeware solution to convert MBOX to PST file effectively without losing any data. Continue Reading

How to Restore Deleted Messages, Contacts, Emails and Calendars in Outlook from PST File?

Since MS Outlook is the most common emailing platform that is frequently being used, there are many situations when the mailbox items are duplicated in PST file. To avoid issues of oversized PST file, users tend to delete the mails, contacts, etc. from their Outlook account. While doing so, they may accidentally delete the important items as well and may lose them forever. The blog will be discussing ways on how to restore deleted messages, contacts, emails and calendars in Outlook from PST file.

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Merge Multiple PST Files into One in MS Outlook (2016, 2007, 2013, 2010 & 2003)

How to Merge Multiple Outlook PST files in one?

If you have been using Outlook for a long time, you may be having a number of PST files and merging the old and new PST file data into one can be a difficult task. Till now, there exists no manual procedure by which one can merge both the files into a single file. The only possible way is to make use of a third party tool that can efficiently perform this task for us. One such tool is PST Merger software that can merge multiple PST files into a single PST. With the help of this tool, you can save all the PST files in a single folder and select them all to merge into one. Not just that, it can merge both the UNICODE and ANSI format PST files together. The format of the resultant PST file will be UNICODE that can be accessed in Outlook 2003 and all its lower versions. In the blog, we will learn how to merge multiple Outlook PST files in one. Continue Reading

How to Split Large PST File of MS Outlook 2013, 2016, 2010 & 2007 Mailbox

How to Split PST file in Outlook?

Outlook is undoubtedly the most common emailing platform used by several organizations as well as for personal use. The data file supported by Outlook i.e. Personal Storage Table (PST) stores all the emails and any other mailbox items like contacts, calendar, etc. Previously, Outlook 2002 and its earlier version supports ANSI PST file that has the capacity of only 2GB storage. However, after UNICODE PST file came into existence that is used in Outlook 2003 and all the new versions, it provides 20 GB size limit and has been increased up to 50 GB. Since all the data is stored in the PST file, there may be a situation when the PST file exceeds its allocated size limit leading to the damage and corruption of the file. To avoid such situation that could make you lose your data, over-sized PST file needs to be split. The blog will be discussing method on how to split PST file in Outlook. Continue Reading

How to Recover Deleted Emails in Outlook 2016/2013/2010/2007?

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Emails in Outlook?

Outlook is one of the common emailing platforms that are being used for personal use as well as in several organizations. Users rely on it for the exchange of emails and sometimes the situation may arise when users accidentally delete an email from their Outlook accounts. After the deletion of the mail or emptying the Outlook trash, the user realizes that a very important mail has been gone with it. Such situation is very common but recovering deleted email can be quite difficult for many Outlook users. In the blog, we will be studying about the procedure on how to recover deleted emails in Outlook 2016 and its lower versions. Continue Reading

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