Why I Convert My Mailbox Data from GroupWise to Outlook Format

Novell GroupWise has some drawbacks those tends to migrate it to Ms Outlook.

Different Platform

Every uses Ms Outlook as email-client platform, is not necessary but problem occurs when you need to open your useful GroupWise data in Ms Outlook. But Outlook has no mechanism to read GroupWise data so in such situation GroupWise to Outlook migration become necessary.

High cost and complexity

Novell GroupWise is a cost-expensive tool that encourage organization to switch to Ms Outlook which is affordable.


To work on GroupWise is not easy for all as it has high complexities but Ms Outlook is free from it and as soon as you install Outlook it becomes ready to use as its functionality is simpler then GroupWise.


Novell GroupWise is not environment friendly. File of one system cannot be accessed on other system but Ms Outlook is completely user and environment friendly and allows you to easily access the data from system to another.

GroupWise have above some disadvantages those leads its migration to Ms Outlook. Novell GroupWise and Ms Outlook have different file formats so migration is also a complicated task but GroupWise to Outlook converter can accomplish this task quickly and without any effort. This software quickly scans the complete GroupWise mailboxes and not even allows you to migrate single or multiple or entire data items from GroupWise to Outlook format but also recover the accidentally deleted items from GroupWise mailbox.

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