Increase the storage capacity of Outlook Data Files (.pst) from Outlook Using PST Upgrade Tool

Each Outlook version has predefined file storage capacity and according to this limit, Outlook allows a user to store data into PST or OST file.

In Outlook 2002 and earlier versions ANSI file encoding format was used which allowed a user to store 2 GB data in PST file and this limit was improved in 2003 and 2007 edition for UNICODE files and user could store 20 GB store data to PST file. In 2010 and later on versions PST file has 50 GB storage capacity to store data in UNICODE file format.

If you are willing to extend storage capacity of your Outlook data file then this blog will surely be a troubleshooter for you.

Increase Storage Capacity

Even though storage capacity is predefined for each Outlook version and you cannot change it but you can increase your Outlook data file’s storage capacity.

PST Upgrade Tool provides a marvelous platform to enhance your data file’s storage capacity. By using following procedure you can easily increase storage capacity of your Outlook data files:

Step1.  To increase your PST file storage capacity download and install PST Upgrade Tool.

After installing this software you will get a wizard shown in this figure. Click on Add button access the PST files in this software to increase that’s storage capacity. PST Upgrade Tool allows you to add multiple PST file at a same time in this wizard. After add PST file (s) click on Next button to proceed the next step.


After click on Next button a new wizard will pop-up from where you can remove duplicate data entries from your PST files. Through this wizard PST Upgrade Tool allows you to convert data from ANSI to UNICODE or vice-versa. By click on ANSI to UNICODE option, you can increase your PST file’s storage capacity. Mention a target folder and location to store the resultant PST file and Press Next


Step3.  After pressing Next button, it start processing and with in short time span message of ‘process completed successfully’ will be shown on the screen.


This message will indicate successfully completion of task and you can access your resultant PST file from Outlook’s file menu.

This software is designed with robust algorithm that large size of file does not affect its performance and it provides an instant solution for your query. This software supports all versions of Ms Outlook and smoothly run over WIN10 and other widows platforms.


Through this blog we let you to know about a tool to increase storage capacity of PST file, regardless to the file size. It’s an excellent application but before buy this or any other similar application program we suggest you to use the trial version first and test the performance of that software. Read More..

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