How to Repair Corrupt Exchange OST File?

OST file is the Offline storage Table of. Whenever a user client user is not connected to the Exchange server, OST file allows him to work offline at client system. Whenever you initially configure or recreate the program to connect to an email account, the Microsoft Outlook application automatically creates an OST file. This OST file stores a copy of your mailbox and lets you to access your mail even when you are not connected to the server and when connection is reestablished with the server this OST file automatically synchronized with related data at server end. OST fill cannot be damaged in ordinary situation even damage or corrupt exchange server does not affect the OST file.

But sometime while accessing the OST file user get a message on screen “Cannot open particular outlook item when offline” or found some items are missing in OST file these symptoms are clear indication of OST corruption.

How to Recover or Repair the Corrupt Exchange OST file

Before Outlook 2007 versions has a integrity checker tool for OST file i.e. SCANOST.EXE to recover OST file this tool is not available in later on versions. There are three ways to recover the corrupt OST file Outlook 2010:

  1. Update folder
  2. Inbox Repair Tool (SCANPST.EXE)
  3. Recreate OST file.
  4. Third party software

Update folder

In this method update the folder by alter the properties of folder and select the clear offline item. Then

  • open Ms Outlook 2010
  • Click send and receive option
  • Click update folder

Inbox Repair tool (SCANPST.EXE)

If you suspect that the OST file is corrupted then there is tool in Ms Outlook to diagnose and repair the error in file. Inbox Repair tool is used for both PST and OST file recovery. Follow the procedure to run SCANPST.EXE:

  • Click on Start and select SCANPST.EXE


Select My computer and search for SCANPST.EXE in SEARCH tab. 

  • Browse the OST file to scan
  • Click Repair. Within few second a message will be shown on screen.
  • Start Outlook with the profile associated with the Outlook Data File you just repaired.
  • You might see a recovered folder in folder pane that contains your default Outlook folder or Lost and find folder
  • Create a new Outlook file and drag the data of Lost and find folder into it.

Recreate OST file

The other way is recreate the new OST file for associated profile. If the OST file is not much useful then you can create a new file after removed the previous one. To remove the corrupt OST file follows the procedure:

  • Open Control Panel and choose Mail.
  • Choose E-mail Accounts and select Data files tab
  • Select the exchange account and then click open file location
  • From explorer window right click on exchange data file and choose delete.

Third Party software

The last and easiest way to recover the OST file is to use third party software is the proficient solution to recover the corrupt OST file and does not involve much manual efforts for repair.

There are many OST recovery tools are available online and selection of best is quite typical because some of are well know but some are not even recognized, so which one is best for your requirement is most important because a wrong selection will leads to both of your data and money loss.

To make the selection easy for you we brought Voimakas Exchange OST Recovery software for you. The tool offers a complete solution for your OST queries and designed according to your necessities. It is a cost effective tool to recover the corrupted and damaged Exchange offline storage files.

Reasons to make Voimakas Exchange OST recovery software you first choice are:

  • Risk free recovery process
  • Large file size does not affect its process
  • Split resultant PST files into multiple PST files.
  • Export OST files to PST files with entire mailbox.
  • Supports EML, HTML, VCAL, MSG, CAL, MSG Unicode, VCARD etc. to import the recovered data.
  • Recover deleted item by using Advance Scanning option.
  • Recover multiple OST at a time.
  • Maintain Email Metadata like Read / Unread Status & Message Dates.
  • Fast scanning for recovery and export.
  • Support MS Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 versions.

Process to recover the OST file

  1. Install Voimakas Exchange OST recovery software
  2. Close Ms Outlook if opened.
  3. In voimakas Exchange OST recovery software browse the OST file to repair 
  4. Select the file and click OK.
  5. All folders and item of file will appear on left panel (Folder list) of software’s window. 
  6. Choose the folder or item to select and click on Export PST folder option.
  7. Choose the message class and data type from next two wizards
  8. Choose the New or Existing PST to store the data on desired location.
  9. Click Ok


In previous version (Outlook 2007, 2003 and earlier) OST recovery was a simple task with SCANOST.Exe but in later on version this inbuilt tool is absent and SCANPST.EXE work for both PST and OST data recovery. It diagnoses the error and repairs the less corrupted files. It cannot recover the data from severely damaged file and for this purpose a user have to use third party software.

This blog describes the process to recover OST file by various method and suggest you to use third party software for quick and error free recovery because there is no any manual procedure is time consuming and complicated task to perform and a sound technical knowledge is must required for it.

If a suggestion is to be given then Before buy any third party software just uses the demo version of Voimakas Exchange OST Recovery software. It has impressive features, quick recover and assure you to recover the data with ardently

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